About Me

I have always loved words. I remember leaving my local library as a kid, books stacked to my chin. In second grade, I would turn a one-page writing assignment into a twelve-page story, with my heart and fingers itching to keep writing after my teacher told me to stop and join my classmates in the next activity.

Growing up, I built entire worlds in my head. These worlds and characters spilled onto paper. I finished my first novel in high school, the second right before grad school. Both will never see the light of day. Both made me a better writer.

I’ve been enchanted by various forms of storytelling throughout my life. I fell in love with film and television during scorching summer vacations. I performed on stage as a teenager and college student — musicals and drama and improv comedy. I produced and co-hosted a podcast in my 20s.

Then I returned to writing, primarily because of three things. I started therapy to address my anxiety. I discovered my quakerwitch self. And I became a mother.

Writing is healing and restorative for me. Writing is a way to process and excise my rage as a woman entrenched in this patriarchal world. Writing is deep magick — as both a truth-teller, reflecting the often-ugly reality of our world (when so many of us want to ignore, dismiss and distract), and world-maker, putting forward the reality we want to see, inhabit and create. Reflection and revolution and creation.

Our words, our stories, have tremendous power. More than ever, our stories are necessary. To learn from others’ experiences. To get uncomfortable. And (speaking especially as a white woman) to be challenged. To actively make space for stories that have been yelled over or violently shut down for centuries.

Stories have power because of what they make possible. Inclusion and representation. Contagious joy. Vulnerable honesty and connection. Community. Truth. Change.

Let’s make that change together.



House Gryffindor. Beyoncé disciple. Captain Picard.

Sagittarius with a Pisces moon.

I love comics and cosplay. Also, comedy: Jenny Slate and Ali Wong style. Also, dance parties with my toddler.

As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Until I found out how f*cking scary space is.

One of the most wondrous places I’ve ever been is an underground cavern, complete with a river, beneath the Mt. Adams wilderness. My favorite place on the planet is the Scottish Highlands. Followed by Powell’s Books.

Favorite Tarot cards: Death, The Sun, Three of Cups.

Bourbon, neat. 🥃